Family of Labor Day shooting victim demands answers

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From NBC New York

The family of a woman gunned down by a stray bullet during a police shootout nearby is demanding answers after they learned it may have been a police bullet that actually killed her.

Flowers and candles litter the stoop where 56-year-old Denise Gay was killed in the Labor Day melee. The beloved Brooklyn mother was just leaving her stoop Monday night at 633 Park Place in Crown Heights, trying to get inside once she heard the gunfire, when she was shot.

Newly released surveillance video shows the shootout between police and the suspect, but Gay is not pictured.

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Linwood Valdez, who has known Gay since he was a boy, said the bullet narrowly missed him.

“We weren’t trying to stick around so I held the door open for her and as she was walking in, we hear gunshots and a bullet comes through the door and hits Denise and she falls down and takes me with her. It’s so tragic,” he said.

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