Shirley Franklin: Atlanta's first female mayor

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Name: Shirley Franklin
Profession: Former Mayor of Atlanta
Alma Mater: Howard University
Graduation Date: 1968
University Twitter Account:

Stat Sheet

Major: Sociology
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Interesting Facts: Shirley Franklin is an honorary member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. She sits on the board of Delta Airlines.

When Shirley Franklin was elected the 58th Mayor of Atlanta in 2001, she left two additional marks on the annals. Franklin became the first woman to hold the title of Atlanta mayor and the first African-American woman to be mayor of a major southern city.

As mayor, Franklin went on to leave an indelible mark on Atlanta. While in office, she improved the city’s failing sewer system and balanced Atlanta’s budget shortfall with a number of radical measures, including slashing money from her own salary. Franklin later won re-election in 2005 by capturing 90 percent of the city’s votes. That same year, Time magazine named her one of the five best big city American mayors.

No longer Mayor, Franklin is still very much active in politics. Earlier this year, she launched the blog called Blogging While Blue, which according to the site features “news and views from a few spirited Georgia Democrats.”

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