Ohio granny stops thief with a frying pan

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Flossie Tabor has a “don’t mess with me or my family attitude.”

On Saturday, the 74 year old went to her son’s home in Warren, Ohio to take him some fresh fruit.

What she found was a broken window, the door open and two intruders inside.

“I walked in on them and asked them where’s my son, and he said I live here. I said, “you don’t live here, this is my house. He grabbed a knife and said don’t come near me. I said where’s my son?” Tabor explained.

The grandmother said that that the teen appeared to be about 16.

He then pulled a butcher knife on the grandmother.

She explained that she surveyed her surroundings, shielded her grandson by placing him behind her and then grabbed a skillet.
“The first thing I could see was a skillet, and I grabbed and hit him across the head as hard as I could, then he ran out the door. The little one said, let’s go, let’s go,” said Tabor.

Tabor said she wasn’t scared, just angry, and that’s when her instincts and past work as a bounty hunter came back to her.

“My daughter had a bonding company in Atlanta, Georgia, so I worked for her and used to go out hunting criminals,” explained Tabor.

Tabor says if you fight, you have a fighting chance.