From Hello! Beautiful:

Taye Diggs’ wife and baby were the topic of conversation when the actor appeared on Sway’s morning satellite radio show recently. He was on air to promote his new children’s book “Chocolate Me,” and the subject of race and color came up naturally.

The two discussed how Taye met his Jewish wife Idina Menzel and how the couple raises their 2-year-old son Walker.

When she first took you home, what was that first moment like when you met her family?
It was a trip because she took me home, and her dad came out. And I was like, ‘Ok, well take off that hood then and let’s see…’ [laughs]. No, I’m just kidding! I said, ‘You tough with the fiery cross in your yard!’ [laughs] No, I gotta say I was really lucky. I don’t know what they felt on the inside, but I was very fortunate. They’re very loving, accepting. They’re great grandparents. I can’t lie, I had no issues there.

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