Would you go on a 'First Date' with MediaTakeOut?

A new original TV reality dating series is hitting the web today. The folks over at the online celebrity gossip and entertainment site, MediaTakeOut are premiering MediaTakeOut Presents: First Date.

The show will offer viewers a fly-on-the wall video of all of the romantic tension, excitement, humor and awkwardness that’s captured during the first date of one lucky man or woman who must choose between three people vying for their affection. The series will be taped in several locations across the country.

“I’ve always wanted to grow MediaTakeOut from just a blog into a full scale production company. This is the first step in that process,” said Fred Mwangaguhunga, pop culture expert, attorney and Founder and Editor of MediaTakeout.com.

MediaTakeout Presents: First Date, is the first of a several weekly original programs that the site is planning to launch on the web.

The celebrity gossip site has forged a partnership with Fisher Klingenstein Films who will produce a diverse range of weekly high quality programming for the online urban audience.

“We are looking to launch a full scale of shows. We’re starting with this show, which will be running every Tuesday. After First Date comes to an end, we are going to launch another show behind that,” said Mwangaguhanga. “The goal is to have, from here going forward, original TV content on MediaTakeout every Tuesday. Once we have that, we are going to go to Wednesday and Thursday. And eventually, by next year we hope to have original TV programming on MediaTakeout 7 days a week.”

Traditionally, shows like this would be an hour or a half an hour if aired on television, but MediatTakeout has has packaged each production so that the viewer can watch a full show in 6 to 7 minutes.

The launch of MediaTakeout’s web TV production unit also opens another avenue beyond cable and network TV, for African American screenwriters and producers to have their projects green-lit, funded and distributed to an audience of millions.

“We have more than 5 million people visit our website every day and we will have the video player for these shows prominently displayed at the top of our site for all MediaTakeout readers to see,” Muwangaguhunga says.

MediaTakeOut Presents: First Date was created by Dan Garcia who also serves as executive producer. Fred Mwangaguhunga is executive producer for MediaTakeOut.

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