Rare footage from Michael Jackson tour to be auctioned

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This is not it for Michael Jackson as it has been discovered that yet another film documents behind the scenes of Jackson’s performance is in existence. In 1993 during his Dangerous world tour the late Michael Jackson had a film that recorded the tour during and after performances giving audiences a chance to get to know Jackson on a more personal level.

However, the King of Pop was not satisfied with the film and did not follow through on the whole project. He gave the only copy in existence to his personal driver who is now auctioning off that copy for an estimated four million pounds ($6,346,383.62)

Ted Owen, the auctioneer, says “It’s a film that is frighteningly personal and up close. I’ve never seen any rock/pop film like it. It’s like you’re on stage with Michael Jackson.”

The film is two hours long and features every signature move that we have all come to know and love from Michael Jackson, from his iconic moonwalk to the dramatic lean forward.

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