From the Boston Globe:

Not far from the TD Garden, in a dimly lit, windowless room, LeBron James faces intense scrutiny. As an image of the NBA All-Star stares down from a projection screen, questions fly. Why did he make this decision, that decision, The Decision to move to South Beach? What is next?

This is not a video session for locked-out NBA players, not a gathering of great basketball minds. It is Harvard Business School’s wildly popular “Strategic Marketing in Creative Industries’’ course.

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For 80 minutes, students discuss James and his brand, and debate his best marketing opportunities. By making James a case study, the course provides a compelling lesson in what can determine success or failure in the volatile world of celebrity marketing.

“When Harvard Business School approached us for a case study, it was a ‘wow’ moment,’’ said Maverick Carter, a childhood friend and business partner of James.

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