'Strange' short film portrays black father molested by son

theGRIO REPORT - 'The Strange Thing About The Johnsons' is a short film about a black father being molested by his son...

A short film called The Strange Thing About The Johnsons is creating a lot of buzz around the web.

The American Film Institute thesis film, directed by Ari Aster, is being described as “a film about the ties that bind, and the ties that really bind.”

The plot revolves around The Johnsons, a well-to-do, upper middle class African-American family, with a disturbing secret.

The son, Isaiah, has been molesting the father, Sidney, since he was 15-years-old. Years later the father writes a memoir revealing the unlikely father-son relationship. The memoir could possibly destroy the family’s wholesome reputation forever.

Many viewers of this film have questioned why Aster, who is white, chose to cast all black actors for the film.

Aster spoke to the film blog Shadow & Act and addressed his casting decision.

“The color of the Johnson family’s skin is totally incidental. It’s of no consequence to the story or its execution,” Aster said. “We certainly assumed that casting black actors in a film that tackles such transgressive themes would create something of a stir, and it would be a lie to say that we weren’t hesitant, especially as many people were advising us against the decision. There is no intended commentary on the black experience and I would never claim to have any insight into that.”

This film takes taboo to a whole new level. Would you be willing to watch it?

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