From Daily Beast:

Ginger White, who dealt the death blow to Herman Cain’s campaign by alleging a 13-year relationship, talks to Leslie Bennetts about:

  • how Cain’s ‘arrogance’ persuaded her to go public
  • the time she thought about grocery shopping during sex
  • how Cain thought the ‘man was always right’
  • the time Cain asked her to get rid of her family dog while giving her financial aid
  • why she thinks Cain’s wife Gloria engaged in willful self-denial, and more.

A few hours after Herman Cain announced the end of his presidential campaign, Ginger White drove to her lawyer’s office in downtown Atlanta to discuss her role in the debacle.

“I’ve never been more exhausted,” said White, who seemed drained and on the edge of tears despite her artful makeup and snappy outfit. “It’s been an emotional rollercoaster; it’s been embarrassing, humiliating, humbling.”

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