Viral video of 2-year-old rap prodigy becomes sensation

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A viral video of 2-year-old Khaliyl Iloyi rapping with his dad Alim Kamara (which first appeared on has become a sensation. Since he was first discovered he has won over fans and has almost half a million views on YouTube.

He also captivated Ellen DeGeneres. The talk show host showed the popular video on her program and claimed that he was so adorable that she now “wanted one.” The minute and a half homemade recording features the little boy and his father free-styling. The toddler knew exactly when to start, stop and come back after his dad.


From body gestures to voice tone this little boy is obviously naturally talented. The video received thousands of responses predicting the Khaliyl’s success as a rapper even though there is no way to tell if he can even rhyme yet. Though it might be disheartening to know that one of their great competitors is currently undergoing potty training. This shows us that some people are just born to be stars.