'X-Factor' judge receives hate mail after shocking elimination

theGRIO REPORT - 'The X-Factor' judge Nicole Scherzinger is backlash after the shocking elimination of the 13-year-old contestant Rachel Crow...

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The 13-year-old contestant on The X-Factor, Rachel Crow, broke down last week after being eliminated from the vocal competition. And days after Crow’s exit, show judge Nichole Scherzinger is receiving vicious hate mail.

During last Thursday’s show, audience members as well as viewers at home where shocked when the young songstress crumbled to the floor sobbing in tears, after hearing the news she was voted off.

Crow was placed in the bottom two along with soulful crooner Marcus Canty, due to receiving low votes from viewers at home.

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Both Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul voted for Crow to stay, but it was Scherzinger that had the final vote and couldn’t make a decision, which ultimately sent the show’s voting process into deadlock.

The votes of viewers at home determined Crow’s fate, however Scherzinger is taking heat today for not having the “courage” to vote for Crow, when it really mattered.

During an interview with People magazine, The lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls insisted that she is not to blame for the young singer being voted off the show.

‘You know how much I love and adore you. I’ve always believed in you. I’m sorry all this happened like this. But I didn’t send you home,’ ” Scherzinger said of her conversation with Crow.

Today some viewers of The X-Factor have posted a stream of threatening comments on Scherzinger’s Facebook Page.

“You are a disgrace of a judge an ultimately a disgrace of a human being. Time to vote you OFF!!!!” a Nick Spadafino wrote.

Another viewer wrote: “Nicole is a coward and a little b*tch. Do the job you signed up to do, or don’t sign up for it. U knew u were going to make a hard decision, and u coward out.”

Crow has reached out to her fans via Twitter to say she has no ill will towards Scherzinger.

“To all my fans I love u so much and I am so lucky to have your support thank u. Please be kind to @NIcoleScherzy I care a lot about her.”