Common disses Drake on wax again in his version of Stay Schemin'

It’s officially on. After subliminal disses from both parties, with the most recent being Drake’s verse from Rick Ross’ single “Stay Schemin’” that dropped this past Friday, Common fires back at Drake on his version of “Stay Schemin’”.

Referring to Drake as Canada Dry, sweet, and as the “rapper of the moment,” Common takes it one step further by sampling Destiny Child’s hit “Say My Name” to add insult to injury — for not mentioning his name on in his previous disses tracks.

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The origin of this beef can be traced to Common’s song “Sweet”’ from his latest album The Dreamer, The Believer. In “Sweet” Common raps about how the current rap game has gone “soft” and lacks the heart from earlier generations. It’s been implied that he was talking about Drizzy, who’s known for being bother a singer and rapper. Drake initial reaction to “Sweet” was nonchalant, since Common never mentioned him by name in the song.

theGrio will keep you up to date as more details come on the first great rap beef of 2012. Until then, who had the better diss track?

STAY SCHEMIN’ (Drake Verse):

STAY SCHEMIN’ {Remix} (Common’s verse starts at 3:30):

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