Graphic pictures of children smoking cigarettes have been taken by Bulgarian photographer Frieke Janssens. Janssens says he was inspired to take the photos after a viral video surfaced of a toddler in Indonesia chain-smoking.The Daily Mail UK reports that Janssens, wanted to capture the effects of second hand smoke by creating images of children dressed as adults smoking.

Cherubic cheeks framed with gentle ringlets – they are the faces of innocence and beauty.

But with cigarettes lingering between their fingers or pipes perched between their lips, their images are repulsive.

In an attempt to play the attractiveness and vulgarity of smoking off each other, Belgian photographer Frieke Janssens has captured 15 eerie images of children puffing on cigarettes, cigars or pipes in a collection entitled ‘The Beauty of an Ugly Addiction’.

The colour images show the youngsters, aged between four and nine, in a selection of adult outfits as they perform the rituals of a smoker – forcing out smoke through the nose, lighting one cigarette with another or mouthing smoke rings.

Their clothes are old-fashioned – with touches of British missionaries, Victorian schoolmistresses and 1920s mobsters – showing the habit as archaic.

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