People of African and Caribbean descent living in England have been nicknamed ‘black britos’. The compose only 3 percent of the British population and as Madame Noire reports, they often feel invisible. These women have turned to African-American women as a source for inspiration.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the struggles of black women around the world when we’re dealing with so many issues here in the United States, but there are some who actually admire the experience of African American women, particularly black Britons.

Watch Black Brito women speak about their lives and struggles

An article on the recently hired a previous CNN program discussing black britons’ struggle to be heard and how they’ve looked to black women in the U.S for inspiration. Making up only 3% of the population in the UK, black women there say they struggle with everything from negative representations in the media, stereotyping, and political discrimination to not being able to find appropriate cosmetics or products for their hair, with ethnic beauty products representing just 1% of all new hair care, skin care and makeup launches.

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