Kevin Lewis started out at the White House as a press assistant, traveling all over the country and the world with President Obama. He was promoted to White House director of African American media, replacing Corey Ealons, who left in 2010 to take a position as senior vice president for a public affairs and communications firm.

Lewis’ responsibilities involve serving as a liaison between the Obama administration and black media outlets.

Lewis grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and said he never imagined this country would have a black president.

“The conscience of everyone in this nation and around the world has changed about African-Americans, period.” Lewis told CNN. Of Obama, he said, “he’s us, he represents us, now that we have that, it changes the game, he’s a game-changer.”

Kevin Lewis is making history as… the White House spokesperson for the black media market. He is the go-to person for any information regarding the White House for all black publications, websites, TV and radio shows.

What’s next for Kevin?

Lewis continues to work in his role at the White House.

A little-known fact…

Last July, the Obama administration held the first-ever White House Twitter Town Hall.