Congressman Allen West, one of only two black Republicans in Congress, will switch districts in the southeastern Florida area in an attempt to ease his chances of re-election.

Because of redistricting in Florida, the 22th District, which elected West in 2010, was going to be become heavily-Democratic, limiting West’s chances of returning to Congress. But the conservative firebrand, who last week said President Obama and other Democrats should “get the hell out of the United States,” announced last night he will instead seek in the 18th District, which is more favorable.

Republican Rep. Tom Rooney, currently in the 18th District, will switch to the even more conservative 17th district, easing his chances of winning as well. The 22th District is now likely to elect a Democrat.

West is one of only two black Republicans in Congress. The other, Tim Scott of the Charleston, S.C. area, is heavily favored to win re-election.