Man accused of cannibalizing victim appears in court

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A man accused of hacking a man to death with an ax in Bridgeport and eating part of the victim is on suicide watch in prison and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Tyree Lincoln Smith, 35, was arraigned on Wednesday in Connecticut’s Bridgeport Superior Court. His bond was set at $1 million.

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Police said Smith, who grew up in Ansonia, killed a homeless Bridgeport man, Angel Gonzalez, with an ax and ate one of his eyeballs and part of his brain at a cemetery in December. The property inspector found Gonzalez’s body in an abandoned house on January 20th.

One of Smith’s relatives went to police on January 23rd to report that Smith arrived at her house on December 15 talking about Greek gods.

She says he told her he had to “get blood on his hands” and was going to Beardsley Park and to his former house on Brooks Street, according to the arrest warrant. He returned the following day with blood on his pants and carrying an ax.