Willow Smith shaves her head bald: No more 'whipping her hair'

She won't be 'whipping her hair' anymore, Willow Smith has shaved her head completely bald...

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She won’t be ‘whipping her hair’ anymore, Willow Smith has shaved her head completely bald. The 11-year old pop singer posted pictures of herself with her new hairdo while at a ballet session. The Daily Mail suggests that the pictures show Willow’s resemblance to her famous father Will Smith.

Aspiring pop star Willow Smith will certainly not be whipping her hair any time soon.

For the 11-year-old singer made the bold decision to shave her head and post a picture of the results on the internet.

Goodness knows what her superstar father Will Smith will make of his daughters outrageous new look.

But without her long locks she certainly looks more like her father Will than her mother Jada Pinkett Smith.

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