Brigham Young University video shows Black History Month ignorance

VIDEO - Although all Americans -- not just African-Americans-- are expected to commemorate this month, a student a Brigham Young University is trying to prove this is not the case...

Black History Month is a time for Americans and those worldwide to remember and reflect on the many contributions that African-Americans have made throughout history. Although all Americans — not just African-Americans— are expected to commemorate this month, a student at Utah State University is trying to prove this is not the case.

Posing as Brigham Young University student, Dave Ackerman recently interviewed several students (black and white) on camera across the BYU campus about Black History Month and African-Americans.

Ackerman dons blackface make-up in what is supposed to be part of a ruse.


When Ackerman conducts his interviews with students, viewers see that the only two black students included didn’t even know which month Black History Month is. Additionally, the other students interviewed appear to know next to nothing about black history.

For example, when asked to name important black historical students the only answers given are Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X (who one students credits with creating the Black Panthers), Will Smith, Jay-Z, and even 50 Cent.

Though the video highlights how many students are unaware of Black History Month, it also appears to ridicule African-Americans with Ackerman’s use of blackface and a stereotypically black speech pattern.

The mission of the video may be to “fight ignorance with ignorance,” but are we simply introducing more stereotypes and stupidity with these types of videos?

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After this article was published, it was discovered that Dave Ackerman, the person who made the video, is actually a student at Utah State University.

Sources told theGrio that Ackermann did the video as an inflammatory gesture to rival school, BYU. Proof of this is shown based on a link that Ackerman posted on Facebook in which he called BYU students “Zoobies.” The word is a derogatory remark towards BYU students.