Michelle Obama: 'Malia and Sasha are like every kid in America'

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Michelle Obama has been greatly involved in the movement towards a healthier America during her time in the White House. This past weekend she interviewed with CNN and told them that ‘Malia and Sasha are like every other kid in American’ and that they love junk food. She even stated that President Obama has a weakness for guacamole and nacho chips. Mrs. Obama wanted to let everybody know that it is okay to have flaws and enjoy snacks as long as it is in moderation and accompanied by exercise.

Over the weekend, First Lady Michelle Obama answered several questions from CNN iReporters, who peppered her with queries on various subjects, including her ‘Let’s Move’ initiative fighting obesity in America. CNN iReporter Shari Atukorala, from Sri Lanka, asked the First Lady whether she would allow her daughters to eat fast food, specifically “a huge burger…french fries (and) fried chicken” or if they were only allowed to have healthy food.

WATCH: The first lady tells us that the Obamas have cravings like everybody else
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“Malia and Sasha are like every kid in America, if they could eat burgers, fries, pie, cake and ice cream every single day, they would, because that stuff tastes really good,” Mrs. Obama explained. “I’d eat it too if I could!”

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