Reality TV star Omarosa has been ordained as 'Rev. Manigault'

theGRIO REPORT - Reality TV star Omarosa has recently been ordained as the newly minted 'Rev. Manigault' after serving as an assistant pastor since February 2011...

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Reality TV star Omarosa O. Manigault has been recently ordained as “Rev. Manigault” after serving as an assistant pastor at her home church — the Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California — for about a year. Manigault was unanimously approved to become a reverend by the ordination committee in a vote held at Weller Street church in mid-February.

The newly-minted reverend said of her ordination: “This is the day that the Lord has made, I truly rejoice and am glad it is! This was one of the most profound days of my life and my ministry. How amazing I feel to serve God[.] I made a very personal decision to dedicate my life to the service of the kingdom of God. I intend to continue my seminary studies and to fully discover what God’s plan is for my life and ministry.”

In 2009, Omarosa announced her enrollment in seminary school. The former Ultimate Merger dating show star received her preacher’s license in February 2011, which is an alternative to ordination. Now a fully ordained minister, the former Apprentice villainess will continue in her role as assistant pastor, but can now officiate Christian rites such as marriages, funerals, and baptisms.

Manigault also revealed that she “is currently enrolled in the doctorate of Ministry program at Payne Theological Seminary in Ohio,” according to a statement released to the press.

After Manigault earned her preacher’s license in 2011, reported that:

Omarosa recognizes that there will be some skeptics who will never let her live down her bad girl ways. To them she offered: “Like the gospel song says, ‘My Worship is For Real!’”

Manigault most recently made an appearance at a lavish gifting suite held in honor of Valentine’s day. Gifting suites are luxurious parties at which celebrities pick up desirable items for free (although this party had a charity component) as part of the promotional efforts of various brands.

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