Conrad Murray squashes prison beef with Janet Jackson's ex

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Janet Jackson’s ex-husband James DeBarge has settled his beef with Conrad Murray. DeBarge and Murray were reportedly being held in the same prison. DeBarge reportedly blamed Murray for the death of his ex-brother-in-law Michael Jackson. The Urban Daily reports:

The grudge Janet Jackson’s ex-husband, James Debarge, was holding against Conrad Murray has been squashed. As we reported a few weeks ago, James Debarge and Conrad Murray are being held in the same prison. When Debarge found out, he was highly upset because he blamed Murray for the death of his ex-brother-in-law, Michael Jackson. The hatchet has been buried between the two prisoners after a conversation the men had.

TMZ spoke to James Debarge’s current wife who said her husband was impressed by the former doctor and has “made peace with what happened to Michael.” Debarge also no longer sees Murray as evil, but as a “kind man.”

How do you feel about James Debarge calling Conrad Murray kind despite having a hand in killing Michael Jackson?

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