Woman fired for wearing underwire bra

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“It was either change your bra or you don’t have a job.”

For the past nine months, VaShawn Dennis has worked sorting mail with a contract company at this UPS facility near Forest Park. She says that, for the same length of time, when she comes into work, she sets off the metal detector because of the under wire in the bra she wears.

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But two weeks ago, she says she was told that her undergarment was no longer acceptable, and couldn’t come back unless she changed it. “I was told by my supervisor after I went through the metal detector I would need to not wear underwire bras to work, and I told her that that’s the only kind of bras I can wear because of the support, and I needed that support.” said VaShawn Dennis.

A UPS spokeswoman told 11alive that Dennis has not been terminated, and issued this statement: “We require our employees to go through security screening without incident. This is not an individual where the alarm has gone off every time she’s entered or exited. To our knowledge, we have not had an issue with under wire garments going off in the past, but would encourage her to wear a different undergarment to work. This in no way threatens her ability to work at the UPS facility.”

But Dennis says she’s already looking for another job, and doesn’t want to go back.
“If I’m not causing a security threat, then what’s the problem, that’s not fair to any woman.”