Is Lil Wayne engaged or not?

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Lil Wayne fans are still in the dark, as they wonder if he and his girlfriend Dhea are engaged. Dhea was spotted wearing a huge diamond ring at a Los Angeles Lakers’ game while sitting next to Wayne. Dhea was seen with the ring almost a month after Lil Wayne allegedly proposed to her. On this past Valentine’s day Lil Wayne tweeted a photo of the ring with a message reading: ‘she said yes,’ but later clarified it was not a marriage proposal.


Fans are still trying to figure out if hip hop superstar Lil Wayne is engaged or not. He was spotted courtside with his girlfriend Dhea at the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Miami Heat. Dhea was sporting a large diamond ring, which was enough to get speculation going as to the status of the couple’s relationship.

Wayne reportedly exclaimed “She said ‘yes!’” at a restaurant after giving Dhea the ring, which got the engagement rumors swirling.

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