Cleveland 4th graders dress up to learn about influential African-Americans

african kings

The fourth graders at Cleveland Heights-University Heights elementary school showed off what they learned during Black History Month with the school’s annual ‘wax museum.’ The children dressed up as their favorite African-American historical figures and taught kids from the other grades what they had learned about them. Serena Williams and the Obamas were a few of the many figures that were represented at this event. The Cleveland Height Patch reports:

Fourth-graders at the Cleveland Heights-University Heights elementary school wrote research papers about famous African-American writers, musicians, athletes and more and used information to create a “wax museum.”

WATCH: 4th graders dress up and learn about influential African Americans

As part of Black History Month, students chose one famous African-American writer, musician, athlete or activist and researched them. Then they wrote a paper and created a presentation with information for the school’s 2012 Wax Museum.

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