Singer Jeremih had drinks, and even a bottle, thrown at him as he attempted to perform his single “Down on Me.” The crowd realized that he was lip-syncing and proceeded to pelt him. So many items were thrown that the singer had to exit the stage and cancel the performance. TMZ reports:

TOUGH CROWD on spring break this year — singer Jeremih took the stage for a special performance in Texas Wednesday night … and when the crowd realized he was lip-syncing, they BOMBARDED him with drinks … driving him offstage.

It all went down at Clayton’s Bar and Grill on South Padre Island — sources tell TMZ, the crowd was already pissed because Jeremih was two hours late to the show … and when they discovered he wasn’t even singing, they went off the rails.

WATCH: Fans Throw drinks at Jeremih for lip- syncing
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Jeremih opened his set by “singing” his song “Down on Me” — he barely got started before the crowd drowned him out with boo’s … and someone tossed a bottle.

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