Public Enemy's Chuck D hosts 'Operation Skid Row' in LA

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These are hard times. Unemployment, home foreclosures, and homelessness rates are on the rise. African Americans, particularly Black men, are over-represented and make up nearly 42% of the nation’s homeless but only 12 percent of the population.

Recently, the Los Angeles Community Action Network organized “Operation Skid Row,” a benefit festival for the city’s homeless hosted by rap legend Chuck D of Public Enemy. As arguably the most influential “activist” MC of all time, Chuck D and Public Enemy are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year with two new albums, namely Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamps (June) and The Evil Empire of Everything (Sept.).

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No doubt, P.E. is still putting in work and still holding down the hip hop vanguard, especially by addressing issues like homelessness.

We sent Carl Seaton, our Los Angeles-based filmmaker fellow to cover the event and talk with Chuck D about what motivated him to be an activist on behalf of the homeless. Carl’s micro-doc asks a simple question: “What can we all do to be a game changer for our homeless brothers?”

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