White House comments on Trayvon Martin case: 'A local law enforcement matter'

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White House press secretary Jay Carney received a question regarding Trayvon Martin during his daily briefing this afternoon.

A reporter made the statement that there’s been ongoing media coverage of the killing of this Florida teen, that the police know who shot him, yet charges have not been filed as of yet.

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He then asked, “Is the president aware of this case of Trayvon Martin and has he asked the justice department to look into it?”

Carney expressed his sympathy for the family, saying, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to Trayvon Martin’s family. But obviously, we’re not going to wade into a local law enforcement matter. I would refer you to the justice department and local law enforcement at this point.”

When the reporter pushed the issue further, asking if President Obama had expressed an opinion about it, Carney persisted that it was not a White House matter, saying “I don’t have any conversations to report to you.”