Obama says he enjoys reading African-American newspapers

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President Obama recently spoke about how much he enjoys black publications. The president says that he enjoys the balance and black newspapers cover much more than just bad news or “doom”. He said that these publications lift and inspire the African-American community. Obama said that black newspapers are a positive influence on the up and coming black youth because they share stories of perseverance and prevail. The Florida Courier reports:

President Obama expressed admiration for the balanced picture African-American newspapers present of the Black community each week, saying such portrayal not only helps Blacks but Americans of all races and ethnicities.

“One of the things that I always love about African-American publications is that it’s not just gloom and doom,” the president told members of National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) last week at a private gathering at the White House. “Part of what you guys do is you lift up that kid who’s overcome barriers and is now succeeding, or that family that has pulled together and helped to strengthen a community, or that church that is the bedrock of a neighborhood.

“Those stories of success and hope, that’s what sustains us, that’s what has driven us, that’s what has given people a sense that no matter how tough things get sometimes, there’s always a better day ahead. And you’re part of telling that story. So I very much appreciate you.”

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