Whitney Houston's 'friend' Raffles Van Exel admits to removing drugs from hotel room

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A man by the name of Raffles Van Exel has come forward and admitted to removing drugs from Whitney Houston’s Beverly Hilton Hotel room. The Huffington Post reports that the coroner’s office confirmed there was cocaine involved in her death, but found no trace of the substance in her room. Van Exel, who considers himself a highly respected entertainment consultant, claimed that the room had to be emptied.

After the L.A. County Coroner’s Office confirmed that cocaine was involved in Whitney Houston’s death, many were left wondering why, if the illegal substance was found in the legend’s system, there were no traces of the drug in her hotel room.

A source has since come forward, claiming that he wiped the Beverly Hilton Hotel room clean of any evidence that would lead to suspicion of illegal activity, Celebuzz reports.

According to a translation of Dutch newspaper The Telegraph, a man named Raffles van Exel came forward four days after Houston’s death, admitting that he cleaned Houston’s hotel room — although he has not revealed what exactly he removed from the scene.

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