The trailer for highly anticipated film Sparkle was released earlier this week, and generated quite a buzz. However, the trailer only lasts a little more than two minutes, and merely consists snippets of the music from the movie, which include “Hooked on Your Love” and “Something He Can Feel.”

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jordin Sparks, who plays Sparkle, and Salim Akil, who directed the remake of the 1976 musical, revealed details of what fans can expect from the movie’s soundtrack.


Sparkle will include new versions of most of of the songs from the first movie including “Something He Can Feel” (which Aretha Franklin performed on the original film’s Curtis Mayfield produced soundtrack), “Look Into Your Heart,” and “Jump.”

As of now, the classic title track “Sparkle” is not set to be included in the soundtrack. “No, not the song ‘Sparkle,’ Sparks said. “Which actually could change, because we’re still working on getting songs on the soundtrack. That could be a possibility.”

Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter R. Kelly wrote two original songs for Sparkle. According the Sparks, the songs are “deep R&B. it’s got that old 60’s flair. It’s just really emotional and super connected.” One of the songs, “Celebrate,” is a duet between Whitney Houston and Sparks. Akil describes the song as being upbeat and fun, “It’s just one of those kind of songs. It’s upbeat and they’re trading off like Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley.”

Sparks, who play Houston’s daughter in the film, is anxious for people to hear their duet. “I actually just heard a cut of it the other day and my jaw was on the floor. For me as a singer growing up listening to her, to be able to do a song with her is incredible. And being her friend, just hearing how she sounded, it was amazing. So I can’t wait for people to hear that. I cannot wait.”

The soundtrack for Sparkle is sure to include at least one gospel track. There is a scene in the trailer where Whitney Houston sings “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” Bishop T.D. Jakes was on the set of the film when Whitney performed her soul-stirring rendition.

“She delivered it with such conviction that it was a very touching moment in the filming of the movie,” recalled Jakes, who helped produce the film. “She just left such a deep impression on everybody.” Her performance brought tears to the eyes of those on the Sparkle set, Jakes said.

Sparkle is set to hit theaters August 17.

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