The news from the autopsy report of the late great pop legend Whitney Houston has left her mother Cissy Houston with a broken heart. Before the report became public there was plenty of speculation and theories about the death of the ‘I Will Always Love You” singer. Cissy fears her daughter may only be remembered for her drug addiction. The Urban Daily Reports:

The Los Angeles County Coronor’s autopsy of Whitney Houston found she was still in the depths of her addiction at the time of her death. The news has left Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston devastated. Cissy is said to be inconsolable because she believes people will only remember her daughter as a drug addict and not the pop superstar with an amazing voice.

Cissy Houston points to Whitney Houston’s legendary Super Bowl performance of the National Anthem as how she should be remembered. “This is the type of thing people should remember Whitney for,” Mother Houston commented.
Upon further investigation, a drug spoon, cocaine, and other drug accessories were found in the hotel room Whitney died in. When asked about the matter, Cissy Houston said, “No one’s perfect. Only God can judge.”

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