7 jobs that don't pay as well as we think

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Television has glamorized many jobs that are actually highly underpaid. People who work as doctors, flight attendants and news reporters are not earning the kind of enviable salaries that many think they do. Black Enterprise reports:

Americans put a lot of value on job status. There are jobs that are revered for heroism—firefighters, soldiers—and others are heralded as the cornerstone of our society, such as educators. But the jobs that most admire with awe and envy are the “sexy jobs.” Positions that, from the outside looking in, appear to pay a pretty penny to live the life.

They’re so appealing in fact that if you pay attention to any TV show or film there’s a good chance that one or all of the main characters have one of these “sexy jobs.” However, the luxurious lives associated with these gigs on screen don’t translate to real life, where oftentimes passion outweighs the paycheck.

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