Decision time may be approaching in the Trayvon Martin case.

The special prosecutor assigned to the case, State Attorney Angela Corey, has informed the news media to be on standby for new information in the case.

Corey must decide whether or not to charge George Zimmerman in the teen’s shooting death.

A press release from Corey’s office Tuesday night stated that the prosecutor will make an announcement in the next 72 hours, and advised news crews to be on standby both in Sanford and in Jacksonville, where Corey is based.

The news comes hours after Zimmerman’s lawyers announced they were withdrawing from the defense after losing touch with their client, and after Zimmerman allegedly made contact with the prosecutor’s office without their knowledge, and with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

That prompted attorneys for Martin’s parents to question whether Zimmerman is a flight risk.

Zimmerman’s now former attorney, Craig Sonner, said Tuesday that he is “reasonably sure” where Zimmerman is, and Sonner and Uhrig have hinted he is not in Florida.

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