Rapper Juvenile claims that he never denied paternity of his child. He says that he asked for a paternity test in order to gain custody of his 13-year-old son. Juvenile says the test was necessary because he never signed the birth certificate and was not legally recognized as the child’s parent. He says that he hopes the test proves the child to be his. Juvenile owes the mother of his child more than 160k in child support. TMZ reports:

Rapper Juvenile tells TMZ … he strongly believes he’s the biological father of his 13-year-old son … and claims he only demanded a paternity test as a procedural step to “get custody” of the kid.

Juvenile recently filed court docs, demanding the test … claiming he never established paternity when his son was born and didn’t even sign the birth certificate at the time.

He also claimed the boy’s mother has had sexual relations with other people … so there’s a chance he’s not the real daddy.

But despite what he said in the court papers, Juv tells TMZ … “My son acts and looks just like me. I am doing this for procedural reasons to get custody.”

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