Nicki Minaj is known for her incredibly over-the-top ensembles, but has been outdoing herself during a recent series of appearances this week in the United Kingdom.

In London today, the purple-wigged pop star was seen in hair-matching violet tights accented with fluorescent green furry boots and a skirt barely skimming her bottom. That would be normal for Nicki — but for the psychedelic top whose swirls painted a hypnotizing pattern on her bosom, making this an extra-mind-bending outfit.

And what did Minaj pick as her perfect accessory? Why, a popsicle stick of course!

Another insane outfit Nicki has rocked this week? The E! online Fashion Police blog relates:

The colorful queen of outrageous outfits was seen leaving the W Hotel in London yesterday in a platinum blond wig, a red PVC jacket, black hot pants and a skirt—or is that a leash?—made entirely of leather straps and metal rings.

The 29-year-old apparently had a hard time walking…

In yet another baffling appearance in a handful of days, on April 19 the self-proclaimed “Barbie” wore “a PVC Barbie tutu with matching pink platform boots and a corset top, plus beret,” according to the Mr. Paparazzi blog. Hmmmm.

What could be driving the artist, who claims to have multiple personalities, to begin dressing in a more astounding manner than ever? It might be the stress. Minaj made headlines recently for deleting her Twitter account out of anger due to a fan site allegedly leaking part of her new album.

And speaking of that album — Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — it did hit #1 during its first week of release. But ‘80s superstar Lionel Richie has since edged her out of the number one position with his latest opus, Tuskegee. That’s gotta hurt.

theGrio: Lionel Richie country album ‘Tuskegee’ tops Billboard charts

It is a maxim of fashion that many women dress a bit too daringly when under duress. The extra attention soothes the soul. It’s somewhat comforting to see, at least in that regard, that Nicki Minaj is just like the rest of us.

Yet, Roman Zolanski has some positive news to compensate her for losing the top spot to Richie. Minaj (along with fellow Young Money family members Lil Wayne and Drake) was just nominated for the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. That’s something for the rap diva to look forward to.

Perhaps soon Nicki’s fashion choices will calm down based on this uptick in her fortunes, at least relatively for her. While we wait and see, check out the latest happenings of Minaj and a host of other black celebrities below styling and profiling around the globe.

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