Good samaritan remembers the LA riots 20 years later: 'I had to do something'

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From NBC Los Angeles: It is one of the most unforgettable and horrifying images from the LA riots: a truck driver is randomly pulled from his truck and beaten nearly to death.

Reginald Denny had been driving for Transit Mixed Concrete Co. on April 29, 1992, when he arrived at the crossroads of the mayhem at Florence and Normandie.

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The beating was broadcast live on television. Four men pummeled Denny, at one point hurling a brick at his head. Moments later, Denny is on his knees, drenched in his own blood and struggling to get up, when a rioter runs over and kicks him in the head.

By the end of the attack, Denny’s skull was busted into more than 90 pieces.

But how Reginald Denny was saved and how he arrived at the hospital is another legacy from the riots – one of human courage and kindness

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