The discovery of singer Cee Lo Green’s dark past has spiked curiosity throughout the web. Cee Lo Green was allegedly arrested in 2001 after threatening his ex-wife and smashing the windows of a car. Green states that he has since managed to gain control over his temper. Huffington Post reports:

Cee Lo Green may play the part of maniacal judge — creepily stroking his white cat — on “The Voice,” but it turns out that Green actually does have a dark past.

According to Star magazine and Radar Online, Green (née Thomas DeCarlo Callaway) was arrested in 2001 after reportedly threatening his then-wife and smashing in the windows of their Jaguar.

The 36-year-old singer’s wife, Christina Johnson, called authorities and Green was arrested two days later for “simple assault (family violence)” and “disorderly conduct.” But Green wasn’t behind bars for long; he was released the same day on $2,800 bail.

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