Ken Hutcherson, Antioch pastor and spokesperson for the conservative Stand For Marriage Coalition, has come out in a column for as a “gay Christian,” declaring that he will “take back” the term now used to define sexuality. This isn’t the first of his anti-gay campaigns: Hutcherson proclaimed his intent to take back the rainbow, which symbolizes gay pride. The Huffington Post:

A Washington state-based pastor now hopes to launch an effort to reclaim the word “gay” from the LGBT community and presumably liberate it from its sexuality-related definition, returning it to meaning “happy” or full of “joy.”

Antioch Bible Church Pastor Ken Hutcherson, who is also the official spokesperson of the Stand For Marriage Coalition, has penned a column for in which he says he’d like to “shout loud and proud” that he is gay.

He writes:

“For full disclosure, most of the people who are close to us have known for years how gay we are. Both of our wives know we’re gay and are completely supportive of this lifestyle choice. Our coworkers know we’re gay and have often asked us how they, too, can live as a gay Christian. And even though we’ve never made a formal announcement together, the bulk of our congregation has suspected it for years. How could they not? Our gayness is obvious in the way we talk and the way we act toward one another. Hold a gaydar up to either of us and it’s likely to read ‘Fabulous!’”

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