Residents offended by home owners association email warning of 'young black males'

theGRIO REPORT - A home owners' association in Harris County Texas sent an email to its members asking them to report 'any group of young black males' to authorities...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

A home owners association (HOA) in Walnutbend Texas sent an email to its members asking them to report /1735978/13068326//11q2ngoz/-/index.htmldescribed”>email the attackers in Mondays attack as being black, and went on to request of its members that, “If you see any group of young black males in the neighborhood after school, chances are they are up to no good and should be reported as suspicious persons to the Constables.”

Samantha Howell, a resident in the neighborhood who has four sons that walk to school, is concerned that her sons will be profiled and have the police called on them for simply trying to make it to school. “That’s very disturbing,” Howell said, “because they’re not doing anything. They were just walking home from school.”

Other residents in the neighborhood didn’t seem to mind the tone of the email stating that, if a crime has been committed in the neighborhood, residents should do whatever they can to limit other assaults.

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