The dynamic gospel duo Mary Mary has dazzled their fans with a hip, smooth, and edgy sound in gospel music for the past 12 years. Erica Atkins-Campbell and Tina Atkins-Campbell are on a new journey with their new reality show on WE tv . Mary Mary talked to theGrio about their sixth studio album Go Get It which dropped this week and they briefly addressed the twitter beef between Tamar and Jill Scott.

theGrio: Who came up with the name Go Get It for the new album?

Mary Mary The name Go Get It was actually taken from one of our singles… the lead single on the record is actually titled “Go Get It.” But it just basically summarizes what the motivation is behind the entire record. Pushing forward, moving forward overcoming obstacles going after what you want in life and having the faith and believing that you can get it. But that’s why we entitled the entire CD Go Get It.

How do you describe the album?

It’s remixed and re-mastered, it’s also like a partner to the TV show. A lot of the songs you will see on the show and it allowed us to come to revisit some old songs and just some few new ones.

Did your music influence the reality show? How did the show come about?

I don’t want to say that the music that we portrayed influenced the reality show it’s presented on the reality show but the music that we portray is actually the music that we live, it’s the music that we write, it’s about our stories our life experiences, it’s our perspective on what things we’ve gone through, and things we aspired to go to and on our show we are able to incorporate those songs that act as a soundtrack behind a lot of what’s happened in our life.

Most reality shows are seen in a bad light. Do you feel the pressures of having a reality show while being gospel artists?

Feel the pressures of what? To be like the other shows, not at all, we are on our own we always have been and always will be, we’ve never tried to be like anyone…Our reality show is about our real life, it’s not some made up reality show, it’s about who we are every day.

What were your thoughts on the twitter spat between Tamar and Jill Scott regarding your new reality show?

People are always gonna express their opinions…I really have no response for someone getting upset at someone else’s opinion…I’m just happy that Jill likes the show and she thought it was good.

Although your music is different from traditional Gospel music, no matter how edgy or pop orientated it becomes do you feel that your message has ever changed?

The message in the music never changes, before this show, before this album the message will never change we are still encouraging and inspiring… All those messages are still the same it’s just we have more people to tell it too now.

Mary Mary’s new album Go Get It is in stores now.

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