Rapper Lil Wayne is doing his best to right his legal wrongs. A case against the group Young Money/Cash Money, of which Lil Wayne is a core member, has been settled outside of court. The $1.5 million suit was filed by producer GX. GX, whose real name is David Kirkwood, claims he is owed royalties from the song “Love Me Or Hate Me.” Complex has the story:

Lil Wayne is making sure everyone is good. In another case against the Young Money/Cash Money camp, Weezy has settled a $1.5 million dollar lawsuit over the track “Love Me or Hate Me” off the deluxe edition of Tha Carter III.

Producer GX, whose real name David Kirkwood, sued YMCMB in 2011 claiming that they owed him $1.5 million in royalties. Wayne wanted to dismiss the case at first, but decided to settle for an undisclosed amount. It has been reported that they had reached an agreement outside of court.

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