Usher was on top of the world Sunday night, performing his new single “Scream” at the Billboard Music Awards. But yesterday the R&B singer broke down in an Atlanta court after his ex-wife’s attorney insinuated that he cares more about partying that he does about his children.

According to TMZ Usher was on the witness stand being questioned for hours yesterday when Tameka Foster’s attorney pulled out photos of him partying in Europe in February.

“I was in Holland when this picture was taken,” Usher said. The judge then interrupted him saying “Mr. Raymond your paying your lawyers to talk for you, so you don’t want to talk over them.”

Usher was also grilled about his alleged drug use. The “OMG” singer admitted to smoking marijuana in the past, but denied his alleged use of ecstasy.

He said that he never used drugs in front of the children — an allegation Tameka made early in their custody fight.

Usher also blasted his wife during the trail yesterday, claiming that Tameka flew into a jealous rage, hitting him, throwing food, and spitting on him, when she met his new girlfriend.

Watch video here.

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