Chaka Khan tops Fantasia in 'American Idol' catsuit faceoff

Chaka Khan took the occasion of the American Idol season finale last night to flaunt her  fab new figure in a bronzed cat suit with a bead-encrusted bodice. The Queen of Funk took the stage with the final 12 female contestants for a rendition of “I’m Every Woman,” one of her most popular songs.

Khan’s sexy makeover certainly didn’t help former AI winner Fantasia when she also showed up at the season finale to perform in a black sequined body suit.  She “covered Elton John’s ‘Take Me To the Pilot’ with this season’s second-place runner-up, Joshua Ledet,” according to CBS News.

The divas in their daring gear spawned quite a bit of body snark. “Twitter caught fire when season three winner Fantasia Barrino showed up in a super tight leg baring get up and then Chaka Khan wore a curve hugging brown bodysuit — MEOW!,”  reported Poor Fantasia fared for the worse.

“[W]hy does Chaka Khan look better than Fantasia in a catsuit?,” one fan tweeted. “I’m sorry but someone old enough to be my mom is NOT going to look better than me in a catsuit, I won’t let it happen LOL.”

“I am soooo sorry… watching American Idol and I am flooooored at Fantasia’s outfit. #nowords‬ !!!,” radio personality Egypt added in a tweet. “And I love her… but I am so embarrassed.”

“Chaka Khan, 59, in her catsuit >>> Fantasia, 27, in her catsuit,” iAmBoiGenius summarized.

Given Chaka’s legendary status as a singer, and complete transformation physically at her age, it is not surprising that Fantasia could not compete.

Khan first revealed her much-trimmer body during a performance at the Kennedy Center on Sunday May 6. People have been buzzing about her 60-pound weight loss ever since. She also made a recent appearance at the 40th Annual Fifi Awards in New York City on May 21 in a bold sheer gown with dazzling red and gold accents. Might we be seeing even more of the rejuvenated Chaka in the spotlight?

When asked on the AI red carpet if she might be interested in the spot as a judge that Jennifer Lopez might vacate, Khan said: “Yeah, I’d do it. They could use some truth up there. A little bit of truth, honesty. I’d like that.”

All we can say is, we are ready for her. She was certainly “the truth” yesterday evening.

Work, Miss Khan! Wooooork!

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