Just Blaze tweets while being locked up in Paris jail cell

Hip-hop producer Just Blaze spent Memorial Day morning in a Paris jail after being locked up without bail. Still, this didn’t stop him from tweeting from his phone before catching his flight back to the U.S. hours later.

Blaze was in Paris, France for a live show at an event called Marble at Social Club, the last stop of his tour. It’s unknown what he was arrested for at this point, but during his stint behind bars he tweeted, “In jail without bail”, “Yes. I am tweeting. And yes I am in jail. in Paris. They are being cool and letting me keep my phone for now”, “They are asking me things I can’t answer.. I stopped french accelerated classes when I was 10..” and “#Freejustblaze.. Who woulda thought”.

Just Blaze ended his ordeal tweeting “BalledTooHard”. Just Blaze even tweeted a twitpic out of his cell. The producer is now back in America, safe and sound.