NBC Dallas: The family of 21-year old John Husband, Jr. is grieving after their son was killed in an officer involved shooting Saturday night.

The shooting happened around 6 p.m. after a traffic stop in the 3600-block of Folklore Trail, near Kiest Blvd. and South Polk Street in Dallas.

Police said the officer, whose name has not been released, shot Husband at an apartment complex after pulling him over for a traffic violation. The officer was not injured.

Dallas police said the shooting was self-defense and that Husband Jr. was armed.

His family said he never pulled out a gun. The family said Husband Jr. arrived at a friend’s house and was later handcuffed by police. He tried to run and that’s when the family said police shot him.

“He didn’t make it farther than a few feet and he shot him in the back,” said his father, John Husband.

Husband Jr. leaves behind a 1-year old son.

His girlfriend in tears, said she doesn’t know what she’ll do without him.

“He helped me so much, he helped me raise him so much,” cried Amber Gurley.

The family has hired a lawyer and said they want justice.

Police only said that the shooting is being investigated internally, as is done with any officer involved shooting.

Husband, Jr. has a criminal record for evading arrest that his family said was for traffic violations.