Cleveland's African-American Museum seeks donations to fix roof

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Founded in 1953, the African-American Museum in Cleveland was one of the firsts of it’s kind. According to the Encyclopedia of Cleveland,  the museum ‘is a nonprofit cultural and educational museum which works”to eliminate the distorted portrayal of the images of black people” and to educate young people about the positive contributions of blacks to the cultures of the world’. The founder, Icabod Flewellen, began his passion by collecting news clippings and artifacts pertaining to black history at the age of 13. reported that the museum is looking for donations to fix their roof plus other necessary repairs before they can re-open to the public.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Black on Black Crime is helping to raise money for a roof repair at the African-American Museum, 1765 Crawford Road.

The community activists and Friends of the African-American Museum are asking everyone to donate a quarter to “raise the roof.”

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