Bishop on 'Fox and Friends': NYPD loosening marijuana laws to cover up arrests of minorities

On Fox and Friends, Bishop Ron Allen, President of the International Faith Based Coalition, argued that New York State’s attempt at decriminalizing marijuana was just a cover-up for the NYPD’s disproportionate arrest of minorities. As an ex-abuser himself, Allen claims that marijuana was the gateway drug for his addiction. Mediaite reports:

Not everyone is happy with New York State’s decision to decriminalize marijuana possession. Bishop Ron Allen, the President of the International Faith Based Coalition, appeared onFox & Friends on Wednesday where he said the logic that crime will go down after marijuana is decriminalized was “illusionary thinking.” Furthermore, he said that the New York Police Department makes more arrests of minorities than whites as a proportion of the population and thinks “they’re trying cover something up and they want to blame it on pot.”

Co-host Gretchen Carlson opened the segment by outlining New York State’s plan to decriminalize marijuana possession and said that both Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Mike Bloomberg were behind the plan.

Carlson asked Allen “why do you have a problem with this,” to which he responded “are you kidding me?”

“I can’t believe that our elected officials think that by decriminalizing an illicit drug will cause crime to go down,” said Allen. “What illusionary thinking.”

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