Leolah Brown, the outspoken sister of Bobby Brown, claims that she knows what really happened to Whitney Houston, and she can prove it. According to HSK, Brown says that she has proof that their was foul play in the circumstances surrounding Houston’s death. But she’s not talking until she gets paid. This is not the first time that Brown has made accusations like this. She has accused Ray-J of providing Houston with cocaine before she died, and suggested that Pat Houston knew about the transactions and allowed them to happen.

“Jacky, I have some information that will blow the roof off, but I need to get paid.

If Pat and them can get paid from Star and Enquirer magazines, so should I. I can prove Whitney was murdered – I know what really happened.

I’m not going to do the interview with you, because I need to get some money for my story. Put me in contact with Star and Enquirer, they pay. That’s the only way I’m talking.”

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