Nas, Usher team up with ‘Our Time’ on campaign to create one million new jobs

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R&B hitmaker Usher and hip-hop icon Nas are coming out in support of a new campaign for an organization that promotes job creation and political empowerment for young people.

Our Time is a national non-profit that promotes economic and political empowerment for young Americans. The campaign, “One Million New Jobs,” hopes to encourage corporations and lawmakers to create one million new national service jobs in areas such as nursing, teaching, disaster relief, and infrastructure repair.

Our Time, using petitions and polls, aims to shed light on issues that impact young unemployed Americans unable to find work and struggling with student loan debt. Ultimately, the group hopes to demonstrate to politicians and corporations that it’s time to address the needs of this group rather than serve special interests. Through their online organization, Our Time hopes to generate a far-reaching online community with considerable political power.

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